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On your initial visit, Dr. Felch will do a thorough intake and inventory of your health, including dietary and exercise habits, your medical history, and previous care received. Physical, neurological, and orthopedic examinations will be performed, and your spinal and muscular condition will be assessed in order to discover conditions that may be affecting your health. Dr. Felch may order laboratory tests, x-rays, and other diagnostic images and procedures as required.

Based on the information gleaned from the initial visit, Dr. Felch will complete your total health profile. Once the complete picture has come into focus, he will assign priorities to your health issues and design your individual course of treatment. Dr. Felch will re-evaluate you at frequent regular intervals to insure that your care remains on target and your health goals are being achieved.

Please plan at least 60 minutes for your first visit and know that we will take the time needed to thoroughly assess your condition. We won’t rush you, as high volume is not our goal — understanding your unique health situation is.


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Hear from our patients

When I was first introduced to Dr. F, I had just been diagnosed with Lyme disease. I was sick, in a lot of pain, and exhausted from seeing so many medical doctors and doing endless blood tests. Dr. F was a breath of fresh air. He is confident, persistent, optimistic and yet patient. I knew, from seeing so many doctors, that I was a complicated case, yet Dr. F never gave up on me. I usually walked into my appointments (which were twice per week) in near tears and always left reassured that I was going to be OK.

I was fearful of being “adjusted” since I had previously had a traumatic experience with another chiropractor, but Dr. F was extremely gentle with me and always told me what he was adjusting and when he was going to make the adjustment. I was always prepared. He is still, to this day, the only chiropractor I will let adjust me. I trust him completely.

I began to feel better and better with each visit. But it didn’t stop there. Dr. F also works with supplements! He listened to all my symptoms, had me do stool samples, analyzed my lab reports and muscle tested me to devise the most accurate treatment plan for my optimum health. More importantly, he gave me a clear understanding of where my pain was coming from and why. He treated me holistically. Instead of only acknowledging that I was sick and in pain because I had Lyme disease, he went further. He monitored my digestion and liver pain and took note of every ache and pain in my body so that he considered everything when treating me. He had the difficult task of supporting my body with the proper supplements that would help defend me from the harsh antibiotics I was taking for Lyme disease. He stayed with me every step of the way through my healing process.

I am now feeling much better. My pain has decreased and my energy is way up. Thank you, Dr. F, for getting me through the toughest time of my life!

— B W

My husband and I have recommended Dr. F to many of our family members and friends. In addition to being an exceptionally attentive and compassionate healer, he draws on an enormous breadth and depth of expertise to provide holistic care that we find to be extraordinarily helpful.

— C K, PH.D.

We have been seeing Dr. F since he started his practice and have thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated his services. I get “tune-ups” twice monthly and feel that it is the best kind of preventative maintenance for my body I could have. He also has tested, advised and treated me for my low functioning thyroid and adrenals and the results have been very successful… my energy level is fantastic. Tom sees Dr. F 3-4 times/month for treatment of an old injury due to years of elite athletic training and continues to see wonderful progress. What I love most about Dr. F aside from his level of expertise is his genuine concern for our health and his passion for healing our bodies. He loves what he does and establishes a wonderful rapport with his patients.

— E & T D

I chose Dr. F as my health care provider because I wanted an integrative approach to my healthcare management. Coming to Dr. F with an unresolved serious hamstring injury I was looking to regain competitive mobility on the tennis court. Tennis is a sport that requires a delicate interplay of mental, emotional and physical fitness. Having exhausted the avenues of traditional medical care, I searched for a new approach to end what seemed a never ending limiting list of sports injuries. I needed a health coach – a trained professional that could empower me as an athlete with self knowledge so that I could continue to perform at my best on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Dr. Felch has more than met my need for such a health manager. In July 2007, I hit a personal unprecedented spot of # 1 in the Northern California Women’s Open Singles point standings. What had seemed like almost the end of my enjoyment of sports now seems like a great beginning. I credit Dr. F for getting and keeping my body in great shape. Having entrusted my health care with Dr. F, I am now looking forward to continue playing sports for a long time ahead.

— G L

After 7 years of suffering with intestinal issues and going from doctor to doctor in search of answers, I found Foothill Chiropractic. I had already been to numerous doctors on the West Coast and had undergone countless tests only to be told they couldn’t find anything wrong. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Dr. Felch was different.

I explained to him what was going on and what I had already been through. I was amazed to find that Dr. Felch not only took the time to listen to my detailed medical history, but that he also showed a great deal of genuine compassion – both of which my previous doctors lacked. When Dr. Felch told me that he was confident that he could help me get better I was skeptical. He told me that it would take a while, but I would get better. Inside it felt good to finally hear a doctor who was confident that he could bring healing to my body.

It was a long and often frustrating process for me, but Dr. Felch patiently kept working with me to bring about the healing he told me he would, through adjustments, supplements, changing my diet, and less invasive testing. I am happy to report that Dr. Felch kept his word and I no longer have my intestinal issues.

During my course of treatment for my intestinal disorder, I also developed another medical condition that required additional medical support. Dr. Felch was completely open to working with the other doctor. His willingness to collaborate with another doctor has been invaluable for me and has put me on a path for a complete recovery. It has been a long road to healing. Through this journey, Dr. Felch has helped me become more in-tune with my body. With Dr. Felch’s help, I achieved a level of healing that I didn’t think possible. Thank you!

— J B

Relief from years of pain

I originally consulted Dr F for a shoulder injury which I had been seeing a physical therapist about for almost a year. Within two months of adjustments and treatments from Dr F together with his prescribed focused weight training my pain disappeared and I regained full movement of my arm.

I had also been suffering from constant lower back pain, of differing levels, for over 15 years due to a right-lumbar fairly severe scoliosis. With the same treatment Dr F has helped lessen the severity of the curve and remove 95% of that pain… I even have many days with no pain at all!

The adjustments together with a supplement program styled for my needs have changed my life physically, psychologically and emotionally. Thank you Dr F!

— JB

We are a Foothill Chiropractic family. We both schedule appointments about every two weeks for tune-ups and more serious stuff when necessary. We enjoy dancing, hiking, and gym workouts. We are ages 60 and 72, respectfully, and Dr. Felch keeps our bodies going strong. Ken Felch is not just a terrific chiropractor, he’s a wonderful human being. Check him out.

— Jim, age 72

After moving 85 miles north of Dr. Felch’s office, we’ve continued to drive to Los Altos twice a month for continued treatment. The decision to drive the long distance speaks highly of our regard for Dr. Felch as a dedicated healer and quality person. Having seen many chiropractors over the last 25 years, he’s one of the best – highly skilled and confident, personable and committed to life-long learning. Merely being in his presence has a healing effect!

— Judith, age 68

It was one of those odd permutations of chance that brought me into Dr. Felch’s care. I was immediately taken with his high-voltage can-do-ism, fueled as it is by professional aptitude and personal generosity.

Our first “collaboration” rid me of painful remnants of past physical insults and set me on a new plateau of comfort. Since my health issues stem from a genetic flaw which has caused lifelong chronic pain, the path to good health and freedom from pain has been a long and circuitous one. The list of experts consulted is a lengthy one indeed, involving medical specialists on both coasts and experiences with alternative therapies as well.

Through these experiences I’ve learned that it is my responsibility to find solutions and to make ultimate decisions about my health care. Because my health problems date back to childhood, I’d grown into the passive role expected of me by “the experts.” When, as an adult, I was forced to assume an active role and to take charge of finding solutions on my own (lest I be carved up & become an unhappy host to implanted hardware – neither would have worked, by the way), I took to cobbling remedies and disciplines.

Through work with Dr. Felch, I developed a new and deeper understanding of my body and of ways to maintain the progress we make consistently in treatments. I posed endless questions; Dr. Felch always has answers and suggestions to keep me an active “director” in my health care. He… and I… put an end to my grudging toleration of pain and helped me raise the bar on expectations of achieving a life free of pain.

With his keen medical (eastern & western) understanding and through the application of the principles of kinesiology, chiropractic and other disciplines (he’s a “cobbler,” too!), and his equally adept intuition and empathy, Dr. Felch is the ideal health expert. A healer whose approach and methodologies are as eclectically-informed and professional as they are competently and personally applied. He is exemplary as a true “holistic medicine man.”

I continue my work with Dr. Felch (more than two years now), though treatment frequency lessens as I make more and more progress. I’ve sent many people I love to him – the acid test of trust and confidence. To you who are considering benefit of his care, I recommend Dr. Felch heartily and without reservation.

— LFB, Portola Valley


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